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Alternative UK...

This is a Livejournal Community for the Alternative People of the United Kingdom to get to know one another.

Anyone is free to join, but if you post please insure that it is relevant.

We want...
  • You to promote!
  • For you to arrange meet-ups;
  • You to submit alternative photographs; alternative artwork; avatars
  • You to talk to other members, discuss, argue, disagree etc.
  • You to promote up and coming UK bands, or simply promote for bands coming to the UK
  • You to invite other members to gigs, or promote secret gigs
  • You to think up other stuff you can do to help out!

    Please read the User Info for details.

    If you would like to do more to get involved with Alternative UK, and have more ideas I would be more then happy to hear them. If you would like to Moderate the community, please comment.
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